Crossing The Line

On 4th November 2002, ten upright vacuum cleaners were launched on the high seas, to embark upon a journey to yet unknown destinations and beyond the control of the artist.

Cast in builders foam and marked with a contact email address, they will be buffeted by the waves but will remain upright like a fleet of sprightly yachts, tacking close to the wind.

The launch took place off a boat about four miles out at sea from North Berwick in East Lothian, Scotland. No one can be sure if they are heading north or south or whether they will join one of the huge litter slicks far out in the ocean.

This is only the beginning of the story. The artist hopes that people will contact her when they find a vacuum cleaner and that a picture of their movements will emerge .

The video CROSSING THE LINE , which documents the project and contains footage of the fleet embarking upon its journey, is the result of a collaboration between Ettie Spencer and the film maker Aliki Sapountzi. Copies are available from the artist.